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    Hi everyone!

    I recently purchased the flashlight theme for my sports club and have two questions.

    1st) Is it possible to modify one or more of the php files to activate the good old <!–nextpage–> feature inside posts/pages/etc.?

    2nd) I want to add a slight margin between the menu on the left and the “normal” content box. Is it possible to fix this in custom.css?

    Thx in advance :)


    Would be nice if someone could give me an answer to this…



    sorry – I missed your post. In this case you can bump it after 24h – you don’t need to wait a week for an answer :)

    1) Yes – open up includes/loop-index.php and includes/loop-page.php and replace:

    </div><!--end post-entry-->


    <?php wp_link_pages('before=<p>&after=</p>&next_or_number=number&pagelink=page %') ?>
    </div><!--end post-entry-->

    2) Add following code to css/custom.css and increase the margin-left value:

    .content .box {
    margin-left: 221px;


    Thank you, Dude.

    This works. I’ve another question: are the names (“page 1 page 2 page3 …”) generated in the same PHP files you mentioned above? I want to replace the “page X” with the German name “Seite”.

    Thx in advance :)


    *push… push* ;-)



    This is a WordPress string, following this should help you on your way.

    Have you set your site language to German?


    Hi Chris.

    Hope you had a nice x-mas holiday.

    I’ve used poedit for the translation of all files but made a little (but important) mistake while uploading the .po & .mo files with total commander. The option “Convert file names to lowercase” was activated. As a result WP couldn’t “find” the language files ;)

    Now everything works fine.

    Topic can be closed or marked as solved :)



    Glad that you solved the problem :)

Viewing 8 posts - 1 through 8 (of 8 total)

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