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    Hi Kriesi,

    I’m interested in buying this theme, too. But before I would like to know, if the NextgenGallery plugin is working with this theme, because I need a gallery instead of the portfolio.

    I am thinking in particular of the lightbox effect, which causes trouble in many themes with NextgenGallery.



    nggallery works fine with this theme. I use it.


    You can always disable the lightbox if this causes conflict and you don’t want to use it?


    Could you please show me your or a sample/demo site? I’m interested on how the Nextgen looks like with this theme.

    Thanks a lot.


    I’ve just installed NEXTGEN and now when I click on any image within the nextgen gallery it opens both the lightbox and the nextgen. I dont want to fully disable the lightbox because I like it on the portfolio stuff, but I dont need both loading. What can I do?



    Unfortunately, the lightbox function is a case of load it site wide or not at all.

    Consider adding a different gallery plugin if this poses a problem.

    Best regards,



    @ leosaraceni

    Just bought AVISIO, too, and my plans are using the Nextgen Gallery, too.

    Nextgen Gallery is the best gallery plugin ever for WordPress, huge settings, great flexibility … and if you see in the settings for the lightbox effect, there are some more than “lightbox”, perhaps you should try these – I haven’t it yet, I just begin working with AVISIO.

    In my other themes I had good experiences with “wp-prettyphoto” – and in themes, where PrettyPhoto does not work, I had implemented not the WordPress plugin, but manually the code of:

    and then this manual code worked, where the plugin for exact this failed!!

    See this manual code working here (not AVISIO – yet!):

    And so, where WordPress plugins does not work, it is sometimes good, just to put the code in the source code of the website, see my site above.


    Sorry leosaraceni, it’s possible to use Nextgen with Avisio.

    @james there is no need to use another gallery plugin.

    Just use prettyphoto as your nextgen lightbox.

    Go to your admin panel > Gallery (Nexgen options panel) > Options

    There you’ll see Tabs at the top: One tab is callled “effects”. Click on it.

    Now you select “custom” at Javascript Thumbnail effect and in the field below you write following:


    Now you can use prettyphoto with you nextgen gallery. If you use the new beta of prettyphoto you’ll even have a slideshow function:

    Screenshot of the options page:

    The Dude


    Thank you, Dude, exact what I need, too :-))


    DUDE, thank you!!!!!! Exactly what I needed as well!


    This is excellent, just what I was looking for also. Thank you for the outstanding support!

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