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    Right now I use the default WP gallery. The big disadvantage is that all images are placed together.

    Well I wanted to try the NextGen gallery, I can choose the pictures but I can’t get added to the message. In NextGen You could create albums that’s something I want.

    Can someone help me with the nextGEN Galelry or someone else an alternative so my photos at least in separate groups can be put away



    there’s a NextGen plugin available for WordPress, I haven’t tested it with Flashlight yet but it should work.


    Hi Chris,

    Thanks for your answer.

    I’ve installed NextGen Plugin. But it does not seem to work. If I have chosen a gallery can only select “save changes”. If I choose nothing happens.

    See screenshot:

    I use WordPress, but only recently I have already programmed an 300 pictures guarantee. So I’m looking for a way to organize the pictures to be stored in WordPress.

    I can only add photos by dragging them from the harddisk to upload. I can not add photos that are already in the media gallery of WordPress

    Do you or anyone else for a solution to properly archive photos in WordPress.


    Unfortunately NextGen is the only “good” gallery script that I have experience with. As an alternative:

    I’m not certain but I believe you can upload zip files and then use a plugin to unzip what you’ve just uploaded, this way it might be faster for you if you’d chose to reupload anything.


    Hi Chris,

    Unfortunately it seems that NextGen in combination with Flashlight can’t be used. I miss the “… then close the window and gallery update preview ‘button.

    I can only use the option to transfer files from computer to upload to Flashlight. To get a picture two times on the website I must be uploaded also twice.

    Is there an opportunity for pictures that are already in the media gallery to place in Flashlight without to upload them again?

    Maybe may consider Kriesi that Flashlight can handle Nextgen gallery.

    One last note, I know Kriesi must updatet Flashlight to WP 3.3, but the “save all changes” button can’t be used in WP3.3. When this button is used then disappear “… then close the window and gallery update preview ‘button. The same problem as with the NextGen Gallery in WP 3.3 and WP 3.2.



    is there a solution in using NextGen Gallery Plugin with Flashlight by now?

    Would really easy up the image handling!

    By now there is the direct upload from computer the only way – right?




    Have you tried installing and using it with the theme? I personally do not use it so am not sure.



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