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    I see on the demo theme that the recent products can be “tabbed” through via two arrows, left and right.

    How do I active that? Can it only be activated on pages that do not have a left or right navigation. I would also like to add that this theme is not only fantastically functional but really easy to use.

    Most of my questions stem from a lack of knowledge of wordpress, not the theme being in anyway difficult to manipulate.


    The left/right navigation arrows will only appear when you have more products in those categories to display than the number of products you specify to show in the slider. So for example, if you set it to show 4 products you need to have 5+ in order for the arrows to appear for the slider.



    jsraaf is right – depending on your column size/page width you need to add more items and the slider controls will appear.


    Excellent I will be back if I somehow fail, but that seems simple enough.


    My products now have a page one or page two often not a scroller….what setting am I missing.

    Also if you click on my gravitar you will see my front page, why has it gone out of alignment, I have not touched any css or even width settings?

    Apologies for what are surely stupid questions


    thanks for the notice!

    also seems to happen in the corona theme. I will upload an update soon. for now you can simply add the following css rules to your

    custom.css file to fix the problem:

    div .container_wrap{display:block; clear:both; }

    div #footer, div #socker{overflow:hidden;}

    Alright so thats my spacing issue solved, just the slider then….updated here so if anyone else reads this

Viewing 6 posts - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)

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