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    Next/ Prev. Button not working on portfolio page for images.

    All the videos on Portfolio page are not poping up.. It plays small only.

    There is extra space after the end of Contact form space at bottom.

    Please help me at your earliest convience.

    Thank you.


    Also I would like to turn portfolio pagination to be off. When i select Turn Off or On it does not make any changes…

    Thanks again…


    Hey washingtondc,

    I’ll just go down the list and answer as best I can :)

    – It doesn’t look like any of your portfolio items have multiple images. Is this incorrect? The next/previous will only work for the individual gallery of the portfolio item.

    – To make the videos pop up in the lightbox, you need to add an image, then Apply the “Link manually” option and put the video URL in the input field that appears below that option. This will give you a preview image of your choice and when clicked a pop up video.

    – The extra space is needed for the sliding page effect (in case you added more content after it)

    It looks like you’ve turned off the portfolio pagination. I’m guessing you might have been trying to do the options in the main theme instead of on the One Page portfolio dynamic template option.




    Hi Devin,


    1) Yes in my portfolio page i do have multiple images with same category. but for some reason next/prev. button is not working.

    2) You rock .. Problem solved and updated on website.

    3) About those extra space I see you are saying its for sliding effect. But i sort of hate it. Would it be possible for you to tell me how can i change that bottom space?

    4) I have turned off portfolio pagination from

    Coalition > One page Portfolio > Than under Portfolio Elements > Portfolio Pagination – no

    If we can just remove Next/ Prev. button and pagination that will solve # 1 & 4.



    One more prob.

    5) on contact page When i do test submit email… email is not coming on my email…

    Here is my contact-form.php:

    Sorry for long list:

    I just want to get over with this so I am just giving you everything at all together…


    Hello washingtondc,

    1) The portfolio item for Birthday Borad appears to have the correct behavior.

    3) Sure, add the following to the Quick CSS at the bottom of the styling menu or to your custom.css file in the css folder of the theme:

    #contact.section {
    padding-bottom: 0px;
    . (Purchase code hidden if logged out) {
    margin-bottom: 200px !important;

    4) I don’t see any of the pagination information now.

    5) The wp_mail function may not be working correctly on your server. You can give it a quick test by installing another contact form via plugin and seeing if that one works. Contact Form 7 is pretty lightweight and if using its contact form gets you emails then its theme related, if not, its host settings.




    Quection number 1)

    “The portfolio item for Birthday Borad appears to have the correct behavior.” – I dont really know where is that image is coming from…?? I want to get rid of that image and turn of next and previous button.

    see here this is what i am asking for:


    We are almost there.. :-)


    1) Open up js/avia.js and replace:

    elements.prettyPhoto({ 'social_tools':'','slideshow': 5000 }); /* facebook /light_rounded / dark_rounded / light_square / dark_square */


    elements.prettyPhoto({ 'social_tools':'','slideshow': 5000, 'overlay_gallery': false }); /* facebook /light_rounded / dark_rounded / light_square / dark_square */

    2) Add following css code to css/custom.css or the quick css field to hide the navigation buttons:

    a.pp_next, a.pp_previous {
    display: none;


    Dude and Devin …

    You guys rock.. Thank you so much.. Really really appreciated …

    problem is solved you can close this topic.

    Thank you again..



    Glad that we could help you :)



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