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    Hi guys,

    It’s me again. I’d like to add next and previous product buttons in the product ategories pages, do you know how to do that?

    maany thanks,





    Any ideas about how to add a next and a previous button to single product pages please?

    Many thanks,



    Hi Sophie

    It seems that people are hidden here :-)

    I´d like to have that feature too.

    Even in WPEC I did not realize how to get It.

    I´ll doing some research on that if i found anything i´ll tell you :-)



    Hi Sophie,

    You can add pagination to your product overview by defining how many products should appear at the bottom of the Pages tab in the WooCommerce plugin options.

    As for adding next/previous on product pages, I’ll have to dig into it a bit more to see if its something I can provide easily.


    Hi Devin, StickFinger,

    thank you for your answers,

    in fact I already made the set up regarding how many I want to display, it’s just that when somebody is looking at a bag for example, it would be nice to have only a button to go previous or next instead of going back each time. people usually give up easilly on a merchant website if they have too many clicks to do to find out items…

    any tips will be welcome, thanks again



    Hi Devin,

    Any news about how to add a previous and next button on single page product?

    many thanks,




    Personally I’m not aware of a native “next/previous product” function. However you can suggest this feature to the woocommerce devs:

    Best regards,


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