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    Is it possible to make newsslide work on hover?

    In a nutshell; I would like newslide to change pictures when I hover to the titlenames listed on right section; now it changes when I click to the titles. Instead I would like to go to the respective page when I clicked to the post title? is this achievable or to much asking?



    You can try to replace following line in js/custom.js:

    controll.bind('click', {currentSlideNumber: i}, slideWrapper.methods.switchSlide);


    controll.bind('mouseenter', {currentSlideNumber: i}, slideWrapper.methods.switchSlide);
    controll.bind('click', {currentSlideNumber: i}, function() {


    thank you. Worked like a charm. Best customer service ever..


    Two more questions;

    1) I would also like to get rid of the excerpt and keep the title of the post in the slider. Is it possible?

    2) Get we set a automatic transition between the posts?


    Also having problems with the newslider: http://www.delphiasailing.com/dysa/

    When I click the post title it opens the page in a new tab and also in the current one. How can I fix this? I would like the post page opened in the same tab.


    1) Try to replace:

    controll.bind('click', {currentSlideNumber: i}, function() {


    controll.bind('click', {currentSlideNumber: i}, function() {
    window.open(url, '_self');

    If this doesn’t work try to remove the code altogether – maybe it’s not required at all.

    2) If you want to hide the excerpt add following code to style.css:

    #top .feature_excerpt span.slidercontent{
    display: none !important;


    removed the code and worked! Thank you


    any chance to get an automatic transition between the posts?


    Hi virayatcilik,

    No, it doesn’t look like the slideshow type supports auto rotation from looking through its code.



Viewing 9 posts - 1 through 9 (of 9 total)

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