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    In the theme option is possible to show in the main page only the categories you want, right!

    there is an option to exclude categories to the main page, right!

    there is another option : Also exclude those categories selected above from the sidebar category list and widgets?

    I flagged: NO

    so, I gone to the widget to insert the ID of the categories esxluded from the main page but thats didn’t appear on the widget.

    Infact the widget take only categories allow the main page and only most recent!!!

    In this way the main page is done with only the same post, I just put those in the widget, and those that are the same, then I wonder what is this widget: is useless!!

    Please if I done a mistake tell me, I want to show only catecories not allow in the main page.





    You selected categories *not to show* on the Main Page blog , and also selected to show all categories in the widget sidebar. “Also exclude those categories selected above from the sidebar category list and widgets?” If you answer No, that means you want to see every category on sidebar, but selected categories you do not want to see news articles from in the blogroll on the main page. So if you have 3 categories, Gold, Silver, Bronze, and you’ve selected Silver and Bronze to not show on main page, and selected NO on the also exclude question, you would have articles only about Gold on the home page (blogroll summaries), but the sidebar widgets will Show Gold, Silver and Bronze.

    Don’t forget, you can also use the custom menus widget, to create as many menus as you want and put them different menus on every available widget area. This particular functionality is made to block some news from that widget – News Categories about Adult Topics for example, so they would not show in the home page.

    You want to show Silver and Bronze in widget and show Gold on Homepage news (and exclude Silver, Bronze from homepage). That can be done with a customization. However it would be much easier to Create a custom menu Widget with the Categories you excluded and place it where you would like it to go.



Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)

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