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    Hi, i am a newbie so apology if i am not posting correctly or if my issues sounds silly but i need some help on my blog with the following:

    – “Menu Manager Pages” can not be opened with Firefox, i can only see the tab’s titles but when i click on them nothing happen (works fine with explorer)

    – how can i remove from the homepage on each post the “view comment” from each preview? this is because i would like to display the author nickname on the same line as per the date

    – is that any way to make the thumbnail image preview of each post bigger (if you check my blog you could see how the preview pict in the posts aligned on two columns are quite small)

    – how can i change the footer of my blog and adding a section “contribute”? at the moment is a bit of a mess

    – if you go on the comment section on each post it seems is not working, guess there is some plugin in conflict.

    – is there any way to include an hyperlink to each image when using the one with cc on flickr? i am currently using lightbox plus and photo dropper but i have to add it manually below each photo either that i would like to have it included automatically when you click on the photo which open with lightbox





    1.) I can’t reproduce this error in FireFox or any other browser. Can you post the browser version and the title of a link which has the problem?

    2.) Open up index.php, find and remove this code:

    <span class="comments ie6fix"><?php comments_popup_link(__('No Comments','newscast'), __('1 Comment','newscast'), __('% Comments','newscast')); ?></span>

    3.) Yes, you can adjust the size of the images in functions.php. Bear in mind that adjusting the image sizes will cause layout problems which need to be corrected with CSS.

    4.) It looks like you have a conflict with the Disqus plugin. We can’t support 3rd party plugins, however disabling the plugin should fix the problem.



    Hi James, thanks for your email.

    the problem regards the”Menu Manager Pages”:the links that are not working with explorer 8.0.6001 are the button “chi siamo”,”reporter per caso”and “partecipa”:when u click nothing happen.

    Also, I just realised that lots of my older posts are not displaing the images, please try with explorer 8.0.60001 the following links: (Purchase code hidden if logged out) /

    Please kindly let me know. Cheers

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)

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