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    I ordered newscast from themeforest along with backbone. Backbone loaded fine but newscast won’t upload. It says “stylesheet doesn’t contain a valid theme header.” Please advise what I need to do.


    Hi robertbohen,

    Make sure the file you are uploading to wordpress is ONLY the theme zip. The big file you get from themeforest is not the theme but a package containing the theme, documentation, license, version etc.

    Inside of that package will be the file that is the actual theme you can upload to wordpress for it to install (or unzip and install via FTP).




    Hi Can someone please help me on the header. I purchased this theme and it is not my first theme purchased from you guys. Now I really need help. The header is black, i tried modifying the css. file to change it to read all accros the header but there is no valid header files. Can you quickly help, I have a tight deadline with the client please! the theme is newscast.


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    Please post the link to your website. When you say “black”, you mean the header is blank or the background is black?



Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)

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