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    I need some help changing the font color of the newscast sidebar to blue because i want to implement a white background which i know how to do i just want the coding and where to put it to change the sidebar font color. ive read forums on where the moderators talk about putting the css in a custom.css or the style.css with some different variations on how to change the font color of the sidebar but that was for different themes. When providing the answer to this question please explain where in the style sheet to put it. Or is it perhaps within the php that could be my answer im not sure but id love to hear some answers.

    Another question is what can i do to get off the borders around my images ive tried to mess with the internal advanced settings of wordpress i’ve tried some coding in the css some transparent properties and marking the coding as important with no borders and nothing seems to work. When answering this question as well please include where to lay the coding directly at within the style sheet or in the php folder

    also still looking for a question considering about a front page one big side bar right refer to this thread (Purchase code hidden if logged out) -right-sidebar



    When changing colors, border styles, fonts, etc. you always want to use CSS. In the case with Newscast, you’ll want to add your changes to the appropriate lines in the style1.css, style2.css, style3.css or style4.css depending on what skin you’ve chosen in Newscast Options > ‘Display’ Skin. I believe in your case it’s style2.css which is Newscast – Dark.

    Now with changing the sidebar font color you need to add the following code:

    .sidebar, .sidebar .box li a,
    .sidebar h1, .sidebar h2, .sidebar h3,
    .sidebar h4, .sidebar h5, .sidebar h6 {
    color: #FFCC00 !important;

    This will change regular text as well as links and headings all to the same color. If you want to just change the links then you would use this:

    .sidebar .box li a {
    color: #FFCC00 !important;

    Typically, I add new CSS to the bottom of the file just so it’s easier on me to find in the future.

    Now as far as the borders around your images, open style2.css and scroll to roughly line 232.

    .box img, .entry img, .wp-caption {
    background: none repeat scroll 0 0 #191919;
    border: 1px solid #595959;

    Change the border value from 1px to 0 and save/upload.

    Hope this helps!




    thank you it turned out great i appreciate your help

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