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    Hi Kriesi. It appears as though Newscast is not setup as a responsive design, is that true?

    If so, do you have a similar news theme that is responsive already?




    At the moment we don’t have a responsive “news theme” in our portfolio. However Enfold: is a versatile theme and you can use it as a news theme if you want to.


    Thanks Dude.

    I do love Enfold, it’s been my defacto theme for a while now so am getting the hang of it.

    While it is versatile I would need to work with more hooks and filters from my child functions, to achieve layout changes while avoiding issues with future Enfold theme updates.

    I’ve asked on other threads and checked around the forums but haven’t found any documentation of the structure or access of the avia framework to help with this.

    Are there any framework resources you can point me toward?




    The content/sidebar units are defined in functions.php:

    $avia_config['layout']['fullsize'] 		= array('content' => 'twelve alpha', 'sidebar' => 'hidden', 	 'meta' => 'two alpha', 'entry' => 'eleven');
    $avia_config['layout']['sidebar_left'] = array('content' => 'nine', 'sidebar' => 'three alpha' ,'meta' => 'two alpha', 'entry' => 'nine');
    $avia_config['layout']['sidebar_right'] = array('content' => 'nine alpha', 'sidebar' => 'three alpha', 'meta' => 'two alpha', 'entry' => 'nine alpha');

    You can change the content & sidebar layout by replacing the units with different values. You just need to make sure that the “content” and the “sidebar” units do not exceed “twelve” units. Eg you could set the “content” container width to “ten” units and the sidebar container width to “two” units instead of nine/three. You can use the init hook: (Purchase code hidden if logged out) -child-functionsphp to overwrite these values in a child theme.

    The post layouts are all defined in wp-contentthemesenfoldincludeshelper-post-format.php – however you can easily overwrite the functions with your child theme files because we check with if(function_exists()) if the user already defined the function in his child theme files.

    Right now we don’t have a documentation of the framework. I plan to write a post/codex entry about all framework hooks but I noticed some inconsistencies in the filter/action nomenclature and I’ll like to change this first before I start to write a documentation :)


    You beauty Dude. I really want to thank you for your time putting that response together, I know it does take thought and time and effort, and I really do appreciate it.

    And I am just stoked to hear that you’ll be working on the framework documentation, that will just leap Enfold into hyperspace for me!

    Thanks again


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