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    I would (and I am sure others) would really appreciate if you could fix the menu links on this theme. As you are aware, links which are active, including the “home” page do not differentiate in it’s link color than those that are in-active.

    This is a much need fix.

    Best Wishes,



    Yea, will take some time to fix the small issues that come with the wp3 release but as a quick fix you can try to replace all instances of

    .currentli_item in style1.css with .current-menu-item

    that should solve that problem if you are using the menu manager.


    Thanks for looking into this. It seems to work IF I use the “Newscast – Light” theme, but I am using “Newscast – Dark,” could you provide a solution for this theme?

    Kriesi, in the “Newscast – Light” everything seemed to work except the “Home” tab, I currently have added it to the menu using a hyperlink directly pointing to my web site, I am not sure how to add it using a Category/Page or any other option. Please advice here as well, I am sure I will face the similar problem in the “Newscast – Dark” theme.

    Best wishes,



    Just noticed…

    The menu link would only show it is “active” if it is clicked on directly from the menu. If a post is clicked from the home page, the menu link will not become active.. FYI.


    He sunny, sorry for not beeing clear enough. each skin has a unqiue stylesheet that needs to be edited separatley. so if you are using newscast dark you need to edit style2 the same way as mentioned above instead of style1

    I am not sure if the second problem can be fixed, since there seems to be no connection made by wordpress between those posts and the menu item…


    Thanks for your response. I did try it with style2.css but it does not work like it does for style1.css, can you please confirm this for me?

    Thank again,



    that sounds weird, it should work since the only thing different are colors of the properties, classnames do not change…


    The problem is half-way fixed. I did not find the class “.currentli_item” in style2.css, so I added it and then replaced it with “.current-menu-item” – then it worked.

    Two problems still remain:

    1) Before I tell you what the problem is, I think it will be fixed if you answer this for me. How can I create a “Home” menu, which would load the home page that shows all the posts? Right now I created a hyper link and this does not work with the menu link color problem we have.

    2) Please look into providing a fix so that the active pages shows the active link color regardless of how it was reached.

    You replied with: “I am not sure if the second problem can be fixed, since there seems to be no connection made by wordpress between those posts and the menu item… “

    Thanks once again,




    What’s your site URL Sunny?

    I can have an in depth look for you and figure out what’s going on.




    James, thank you for the support. Please see the website at:

    *You can also see the “search button” problem I had posted about in a different post.

    Thanks again,



    Making the Home link active on the homepage is possible but is a little tricky. A temporary solution specific to your site is to add this code to header.php within the HEAD tags:

    <?php if(is_home()){ ?><style>#menu-item-14 {color: #FFFFFF;}</style><?php } ?>

    The menu item for your home link has an id of menu-item-14 and the PHP code says only to use the code if you’re on the homepage.

    Regarding your other post (search button) I’ve marked it for Kriesi’s attention (I did this yesterday – topics are dealt with in the order they are received).


    James, thanks for the reply.

    I tried as suggested but it makes no difference.

    Please advise.



    Made minor changes, works like a charm.

    Thanks for your support.




    Glad you figured this out. Marking as resolved and closing topic.

    Best regards,


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