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    I have 2 questions related to site’s appearance :

    1. How can I put 223×90 logo perfectly? I tried to modify style.css but it still doesn’t work.

    2. How can I have “Newscast – Dark” navigation menu style (‘Second’) on “Newscast – Modern” skin? Is it possible to have this one?

    This is my URL maybe it would ease you to identify my points.

    Finally, thanks for your attention,



    Hi zameright,

    1) We would need to see that logo size added in live to offer possible solutions.

    2) You would need to copy over that set of styles from the dark style css to the modern skin css. It will be a good bit of manual copy+paste and a little bit of trial and errors depending on how familiar you are with css but the two files are both located in the themes css folder.




    1) You can see it on my site The logo looks like cropped one.

    2) Ok, I’ll Try.

    And one more question. Why the images on my site look like that? I mean, it seems like images are forcibly stretched. Is it possible to make them look normal? Thank you


    The logo you have set there is not the full size, its using: (Purchase code hidden if logged out) .png

    Try using the url for the actual logo instead of hitting upload in the theme options:

    For the image stretching, try regenerating your thumbnails as it doesn’t look like some of them have the proper file sizes available:




    Thanks! It helped me out :)

Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)

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