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    Just purchased the newscast template and it’s pretty stinking cool!

    I am hoping that there is a way (when using an Ipad or portable device) to prevent the images on the main page (in the slider) from just opening a new page link before it displays the image on the mainpage?

    • On my macBook Pro, when i mouseover an image in the browser (firefox), it slides to that image and displays the text, everything works.

    • On the ipad, i can’t mouseover, so it simple either asks me to ‘open in new window’ or i click on the image, it slides but after completing the slide opens the page up automatically.

    Is there a way to say, psuedo code:

    if (image1 == 'fullyDisplayed'){

    else if(image1 !='fullyDisplayed'){

    Can this be written in javascript? I’m not a javascript coder but decided that is my next language to learn.

    Can something be written or is there something already written to accommodate this issue?




    Hi BiggBrawler,

    If you open the js>custom.js file, search for: // accordion slider

    You can modify the accordian slider settings, including making the focus event a click instead of a mouseover. It wont detect devices so it will be across the board change.

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)

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