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    Hi Kriesi.

    Thanks for all your support.

    I wanted to play a video (using prettyPhoto) from the accordion slider on the homepage and after reading a similar request from another poster, I was able to achieve this using custom post. I only needed one of the accordion slides to play video so I used some custom code.

    Now my only issue is that when that slide receives the moue_rollover event the the opacity changes correctly, the play button appears correctly but there is the image preloader wheel that still spins.

    Here is a link to screenshot so you can see problem. I put a red box over the unwanted item. shot 2011-10-24 at 8.30.31 PM.jpg

    Any ideas?



    How can I change my username?

    Please change it if you can to ugrinwald.


    Sorry Kriesi,

    Here is the screenshot I wanted to share with you.

    Can you please help? I’m not sure if this bug is related to prettyPhoto or to your preloader.

    Thanks in advance.



    if you could link to your site in action we can provide specific instructions, it can be solved easily though it’s a lot easier for us to have a link to your site.


    I forgot to tell you how to change your user name, I’m uncertain if you are able to change it but here’s how I can do it: Click “Member” below your user name in here and edit your name. Let me know if it works :)


    Looks like there were updates made to profile page.

    I was able to select visible username from drop down.


Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)

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