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    How can I change the size of the featured image in Newscast theme? And When I activate the featured image I have one more additional image, if I use the images from the gallery then one image is repeated. How can I prevent that?


    Hi ozgurpolat,

    You can change the size of the image generated in your functions.php lines 12-16. You’ll need to regenerate your images afterwards with .

    However this won’t necessarily change what is displayed on the front end depending on which area you are trying to modify specifically.

    For posts, the featured image is automatically added to the top but that image is also attached to that post type. So when you add in the wordpress gallery shortcode/function it adds in ALL images that have beeb associated with that post included the featured image.

    The most straightforward way to remove the image on single posts is to add the following to the bottom of your style.css file:

    #top.single-post .entry-previewimage.rounded {
    display: none;

    If this isn’t what you are looking for, can you post a link to the page and point out exactly what you’d like to change/modify.




    Hi Devin

    Here is an example post.

    The standard featured image size is quite small for my liking, I would like to be able to enlarge it. How can I do that?


    Hey ozgurpolat,

    Add the following to the bottom of your style.css file:

    #top.single-post .entry-previewimage,
    #top.single-post .entry-previewimage a,
    #top.single-post .entry-previewimage img
    width: 400px;
    height: 400px;

    You can adjust the height and width as needed.




    Hi Devin,

    If you go to my web site:

    You will see that there is a featured image and three other images. In reality there are actually three images in my galery and I use one of them as a featured image. But when I do that, I get four images and the first one is repeated. I used,

    #top.single-post .entry-previewimage.rounded {
    display: none;

    in stle.css but this removes the fatured image all together. I would like to keep the featured image but I don’t want to display repeated images.




    This post (Purchase code hidden if logged out) -or-single-image explains how to remove duplicate from Nextgen gallery.




    Hi Nick,

    I dont have NEXGEN gallery installed in my wordpress, I don’t want to use NEXTGEN. If you have three images in your normal wordpress gallery and you choose one of them as a featured image, you get 4 images in the slideshow. I don’t want that. How can I fix this?


    You can exclude certain images from the gallery – see – i.e. in your case exclude the image id of the featured image from the gallery and wp will display the featured image + the gallery without the featured image.

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