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    Hi – Newscast 2.0.2, WP 3.1.3

    I’m in the process of tweaking the Style CSS for the particular skin I’m using, and wanted a few pointers as I am not a front-end coder and just feeling my way through.

    Basically, I have a palette of colors that I want to use to replace some of the background colors, borders and fonts throughout the Theme.

    I seem to have successfully stumbled through replacing some of these, but would like a better sense of where exactly to replace the colors in the CSS code.


    Where are the font colors located?

    Where are the link colors located?

    Where is the footer b.g. color located?

    Where are the button border colors located?

    Where are the section border colors located?

    Please feel free to refer me to a WP Codex page or other reference if that is easier!




    Hello jbtarnof!

    To find these types of things I use Firebug in Firefox or inspector in Google Chrome. I think the Chrome option is easier. Just hover over what you are interested in, right mouse button, inspect element a window comes up telling you the class/attributes and name of the style sheet.



    basically all color codes are located in style1/2/3/4.css – style.css just contains general css code (alignment of elements, etc.). Like SteveYoung suggested above the easiest way is to use the Firebug plugin: for Firefox browser. It helps you to investigate css properties of any html element.


    Thanks Steve and Dude – I’ll check it out and give it a try.

    Dude: would you be able to give me an answer to my other query: “Newscast Featured Image & Thumbnail – Linking to Video”

    Would really appreciate it!




    I answered it :)

Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)

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