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    am working on a site (www. using Newscast and have a few questions I have not been able to find in the forums here. Would really appreciate a hand:

    1) “Second Menu”… would like to have the menu boxes stretch to the same width as the slider below. I found a post about this but the solution only helped me to stretch the last box (blog). How can I have them stretch evenly?

    2) “First menu”… how do I align this to the right?

    3) Background – I’d like to add a background image … how do I do this?

    4) Search & Rss tool – How do I remove. Found some solutions but not that apply to Newscast

    5) Feature slider. I’d like to remove the dates under each post title in the actual slider

    6) Category box on home page post preview… how do I delete this?

    Thanks a lot


    Hi Chattybrain,

    I’ll just go through all the questions and answer as best I can:

    1) This is actually a bit of a trick but its the only way I can think of; add the following css to the bottom of your style.css:

    .catnav li a {
    width: 17%;

    2) Open up your style.css and search for the following:

    #top .nav{
    position: relative;
    list-style-type: none;
    list-style-position: outside;
    z-index: 6;
    font-size: 12px;
    float: left;

    Change the float: left to float: right; .

    3) In the same way you have add the background-image :none you’ll add in your own background image. See the following for proper syntax and help with alignment:

    4) Add the following to the bottom of your style.css:

    #headextras {
    display: none;

    5) Add the following to the bottom of your style.css:

    #top.home .sliderdate {
    display: none;

    6) For specifically the home page:

    #top.home .entry-bottom .categories {
    display: none;

    If you want it for the other pages, just remove home in the above css.




    Thanks Devin, these solutions all seem to have worked nicely. Only problem is that I now have two more issues appear and am not sure if it is related to these changes above. Although I have tried removing some of the above code, it made no difference.

    I logged these two new issues in a separate thread (Safari & Slider issue). Hope someone can look into it soon.




    Glad those worked for you Angelina, I’ll take a look at your other thread :)



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