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    I have two questions about the news slider.

    1. What is the recommended dimensions of pictures for the news slideshow?

    2. The titles and descriptions in the right hand column don’t seem to line up properly for me. There is some blank space to the right of them. Will they only extend as far as the text goes? If I recall, when the dummy content was in there, they fit nice and perfect.

    Here’s a link:

    And yes, I realize the pic in the slider is no where near the correct dimensions. I just wanted something in there for now. :)

    Thanks for any help.



    1.) The optimum size for News Slider images are 790px (width) by 390px (height). This is defined in functions.php and images larger than this are automatically resized when uploaded to WP admin.

    2.) If you have more text (ie at least what the dummy text has), the width would be ok – to fix the width, add this to the end of style.css:

    #top .newsselect .single_item { width: 220px !important; }



    Thanks James. Looks great now!


    Is there a way to get the news slideshow to not display a date?


    The News Slideshow is also not auto-rotating for me, even though it is set to. When set to Avia slider it does though. What do I need to check on this?


    At the moment the auto rotation is not supported by the news slider.


    When is the auto rotation planned to be supported?



    I’m not aware of any upcoming updates at the moment but we’ll post an update notice when we release a new version.

Viewing 8 posts - 1 through 8 (of 8 total)

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