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    Hi! I run an on-line perfume shop and I need to add new values to an attribute used for product variation (new sizes of perfume bottles). When I edit my products from inside the admin gui everything looks fine. I see the new attribute values and I can add prizes/size/weight/etc. to them just fine. But when I look at the product page, like the customers will see it, I can only see prizes for my old attribute values, the new ones are not in the list. (And I have saved the page, so that’s not the issue).

    I’d get very happy if you could get back to me on this!!!

    Best wishes



    Hi Sigrun,

    First try deactivating the theme and switching to one of the default wordpress themes (twenty twelve for example). See if your options show up correctly there even with the non-formatted product page.

    If not, its probably an individual product misconfiguration. Whenever you have a variable product, all of its options have to be set on that individual product page so if you are adding changes in the main attributes area, it won’t automatically show up on the individual product page.



Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)

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