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    Hi, I’m new to this.

    I got an FTP client, uploaded the wordpress documents.

    I unzipped and uploaded via FTP the contents in wp-content/themes

    I unzipped and uploaded via FTP the bbpress plugin contents into wp-content/plugins

    I’m using bytehost (free).

    So I have MANY problems:

    -So when I activate the theme, sometimes wordpress builder doesn’t respond (it’s at random, and it doesn’t matter what I click) and gives me the error 500 and then I can’t do anything except refresh the page and HOPE it starts to work again.

    -When I try to upload a logo (I haven’t even gotten further than this), under 1MB, following the given dimensions, it gives me an HTTP error. I installed Image Upload HTTP Error Fix plugin and activated. I’ve also installed Third Party Host Fix and activated for I can’t even remember what problem.

    -I tried to create a new dynamic template, and it wouldn’t let me. No error code, nothing happens at all.

    These are the problems I’ve encountered so far. I don’t have an .htaccess file, I’ve looked up and down the internet to solve my problems. Can someone help me?

    Thank you in advance. I appreciate any help.


    So it works sometimes, I take those opportunities to update as much as I can while I’m learning how this works.

    I can’t get the portfolio tab to work stably, it hasn’t ever worked so I have no idea what to do there. Is this where you can upload photos and have the filtered categories and thumbnails and titles and a description for this project OR is this all done through posts?

    Still having all of the above problems.

    Please help.


    Never mind. I`m not sure I resolved the HTTP problem however I deleted ALL of the files, reinstalled wordpress and all the themes and plugins and it seems to be working.



    just for info – if you’re using ftp to install the themes upload the UNPACKED/UNZIPPED files only (so unpack a second time and upload the folder to wp-content/themes).


    yup that’s what I did and it worked. What is the PSD folder for?

    Right now I made my portfolio categories, did all the settings in angular>theme options>portfolio (so that is hows up on the home page and I selected the categories)

    But nothing is showing. My 3 portfolio entries are published and I can see them when I view portfolio entry (when editing them).

    How do I fix this so that it looks like the angular example?

    Do I use the default thumbnail?

    Do I have to upload an image twice, once as a thumbnail and once as medium so it’s bigger when you click on it?

    What dimensions would you recommend for the photos once clicked on?

    I also don’t know where to add the clickable title that allows the selected entry to be expanded

    Thank you.


    also, how do you edit the footer content (not how many columns but the actual text and links)?


    how do yo edit the copyright info on the bottom, like add a year?

    I also don’t see my excerpt from my portfolio entry (individual item)

    how do you change the order of the portfolio entries?


    I’d like to add that in order for the portfolio to be displayed, the same settings have to applied in 2 places which I find redundant. I might be missing something and it necessary in certain cases but I find that extra work and confusion for nothing. Just a suggestion.

    Also, the portfolio once opened on a new page doesn’t have an option to x or close or some sort of BACK button instead of always clicking home to get back to the portfolio grid.

Viewing 8 posts - 1 through 8 (of 8 total)

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