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    Hello! We are using your flashlight theme and it is awsome! But the last woocommerce update ruins the hole site. Take a look: Can You help?
    1) No popups on shop items
    2) wocommerce filter doesn’t work
    3) no theme background – it disappeared
    4) product pictures are not loading
    may be some more problems accured.
    New woocommerce works greeat with other themes on my other sites. Can You help?


    Hi yeti1249!

    We released an update for Flashlight (version 2.5). You can download it from



    Can You please give me a tip, how to update your theme and not to loose all the settings and css?



    You won’t loose the settings when you update the theme. If you modified the theme files (i.e. css stylesheets) make a backup of your theme files first (i.e. use ftp, go to wp-content/themes and rename the current theme folder to flashlight_bak), then upload the updated theme files/folder) and customize the updated files again.



    Hello! I updated your theme, and my site is still broken. Take a look: . Can You help?



    Can you elaborate? I checked your website and it does look fine on my end –

    Best regards,


    1) There is no background image, but it is set like on the homepage.
    2) none of the pictures of the products are clickable, and there are no pop-ups with Details and Buy now



    Clear all of your plugin cache and re-do all of the previous minification.



    Sorry, what do You mean by minification?



    It seems like Cloudfare or another cache service is used on your website and at the moment no javascript files are loaded (you can test this by searching the source code of your website for “.js” files. I recommend to deactivate the cache plugins for now to test if everything works and then you can contact your host or cache provider and ask them how to configure the file compression and cache settings.


Viewing 10 posts - 1 through 10 (of 10 total)

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