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    Hi. I’ve read a lot of the thread, have been through the demo videos, and have read the documentation. There’s a lot of information, and I’m just getting more confused.

    1.) I understand that Portfolio images cannot link to blog posts. Correct?

    2.) How can I use the Portfolio to link to static Pages that have a sidebar and other feature-rich option of page layout? We decided to try this theme because our current navigation menus are so unwieldy. Some of our Dropdown menus have 20 items in them. This is health site, and it is text heavy. We hope there is a way to use the Portfolio images to link to the text-rich pages so it is less cumbersome and more interesting for our visitors. Our text-rich pages will need a contact form in a sidebar and links to subcategories.

    An example — We’d like a portfolio image for ADHD. When they click on that, they go to the text-rich page with ADHD information. In the sidebar, there would be a Contact Us form and several links to related items like an ADHD checklist, ADHD research, ADHD videos, etc.

    Is there a way to do this?

    Thank you. I’m enjoying the theme and am awed by all the options. I just need to figure out how to best use the portfolio.



    1) You are not correct. You can use the Link Manually option from the drop down to link to any page you want anywhere.

    2) Yes you can do this. I suggest you look through the posts and spend less time reading and more time trying different setups, don’t be shy and push those buttons and if something goes wrong, use the reset theme option to start all over again.

    a) create 3+ portfolio categories

    b) go to Angular > template builder and create a new template call it template-portfolio and then add item portfolio to that template. Select the portfolio categories you wish to show in the portfolio and other options and save.

    c) go to Page > New and create a blank page with just a title Portfolio and on bottom right, apply the Template you’ve just made to this page and save it.

    d) create the portfolio template pages. Add an image, the popup comes up, and you insert it (the image, read the directions please), and then close the insert image popup , and on the right your will see a ‘SHOW’ link to the right of the micro-thumbnail of the image. Click it and select, the option where you can enter your own URL to direct the portfolio item image.

    Sorry the video looks a bit crappy , will record HD next time -> (this goes through the steps above) At end of video I am waiting for website to load but i put in some random url and its wasn’t loading. Hope it gives you an idea of how you should be handling the theme.




    Thank you for all your help Nick. I appreciate it.

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)

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