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    Ok so I have built a few websites using wordpress, I purchased this template today and I am having very little to NO luck creating my site? On my theme options I can’t save ANY of my changes?? I can’t upload an image for my logo and I can’t figure out how to edit my slider? I am not seeing any documentation for help with the site or files? Someone please help…



    please make sure that no plugins conflict with the theme. Maybe one causes a js error in the backend and the option panel doesn’t work properly. If this doesn’t help reupload all wordpress core files and theme files – we had several cases where corrupt files caused issues.


    Still not sure what is going on?? I cannot change the theme options? I have uninstalled the theme and re-installed it? Please let me know what I am doing wrong? Thank you for your repsonse.


    Also I don’t have an option to change color of font? So confused on other themes I have purchased I have all the option right there? Is there a JS that isn’t loading? Just really lost right now.. Please help.


    In Menu > Theme Propulsion > Styling, change “Body Font color” to what you want….

    Maybe you’ve got file permissions problems.

    Slider : You’ve got the documentation with the theme when you unzipped it, create a New Page and under you’ve got “Featured media….”

    Add Image to Slideshow, that’s all :-D


    Ok I think I figured out the Slider, can you help with what is going on with the theme options?? I can’t make any changes there? Ugg.. Frustrating.. Thanks. When I try to make any change and then I click “Save all changes” it does nothing and goes to top of screen. If I leave Propulsion theme options and come back nothing has been saved. ??? What am I missing?


    You had said to:

    In Menu > Theme Propulsion > Styling, change “Body Font color” to what you want….

    Maybe you’ve got file permissions problems.

    I have no Styling option?


    It still isn’t working, I uploaded the Theme how I was suppose to. I did notice in the documentation with the other files. In the documentation folder there is an assests folder with: blueprint-css, images, and js. I installed my plugins. There is also a psd zip with a psd files. Where should I uploade those to? Sorry but this template is way different than other wordpress sites I have done and it doesn’t help that I haven’t done this for a while. Please help. Thanks!

    As for my options in Theme Propulsion I have: Styling, Layout & Settings, Portfolio, Contact, Sidebar, and Footer. When I click on any of them it does nothing. What am I missing???



    Please create me an admin account and send the login data to: (Email address hidden if logged out) and I’ll look into it.

    Best regards,


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