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    The Avia Layout Builder is superior to every theme builder I’ve run into. And rather just be a lifetime purchaser of kriesi.

    I’m working on something new that requires a one page format and true parallax (instead of only fixed)

    So what I’m thinking is maybe possibly a theme that is basically ENFOLD plus one page format, and true parallax?

    I’m pretty sure I will be that without a second thought. The “COLORED SECTION” image management makes it

    soooooooo easy to quickly build pages.

    The wishlist would be:

    1. Flat Button Color Styling ( flat hover effect over, ect)

    2. One Page

    3. True Parallax

    4. Update and Avia framework to newer bootstrap framework features.

    Saw this on Themeforest the other day and buying for temporary needs. But would rather buy a new updated enfold theme with the one page and parallax feature instead. I think it would be a pretty big hit considering isn’t a one page theme with enfolds quality and capabilities. I’m thinking it would blow away everything else.

    Let me know if you guys would consider working on it and if so, how long would it take to release.

    Thanks again.



    The one page feature is already supported – since 1.7 you can give every “section” element an unique id – you can use the ids to add custom links to the menu which point to the sections – eg call a section “about-me” and then create a custom menu link with the link/href “#about-me”. This menu item will link to the “about-me” section on the current page…

    The button styling is just a personal preference – tbh I don’t think we’ll change this but I’ll tag it for Kriesi…


    Thats awesome! I had no idea you guys did the one page feature!

    Looks like it has most of what I wanted.

    Going to get customization from a freelance developer for the other minor stuff,

    unless you guys consider it for a possible update for the one page?

    The items I’m looking for is

    hidden navigation until the page scrolls down and true parallax.

    The mercurial theme on themeforest does it, but the framework lacks from what enfold offers.

    Thanks so much for the reply. The unique id is great!


    Wow the theme does have true parallax! I was only using the colored section and didn’t realize that the real parallax feature is in the sliders only. Nice.


    Hi andyhoodified,

    No hidden navigation yet but we’ll see. Kriesi has been adding a ton of features to Enfold and I think he still wants to add more.



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