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    Hi Guys,

    Long time, no post!

    I need to add three more social media icons to my site (Pinterest, Instagram and Google+). I think I can make the necessary changes by adding new customised versions of the facebook or twitter code that is already there, and creating new ,png files for the icons. But I will also need to add three new options into the admin backend to be able to insert the required urls to link to.

    Please can you tell me which files I’m going to need to change to be able to do all this. The header.php and footer.php I already have looked at, but I don’t know where all the backend info for the shoutbox social options is stored.





    You can add more settings in this file: /shoutbox/includes/admin/register-admin-options.php (line 359), just duplicate one of those arrays and change the parameters.

    $avia_elements[] = array(

    "name" => "New Setting",

    "slug" => "contact",

    "desc" => "If you want to use a service like feedburner enter the feed url here. Otherwise the default wordpress feed url will be used",

    "id" => "new_setting",

    "std" => "",

    "type" => "text");

    Then you’d call it like this: avia_get_option(‘new_setting’);




    Hi Josue,

    Thanks for your speedy reply!

    So all I have to do is:

    1. Add the three new .png files into the relevant image folder (minimal skin in my case)

    2. Set up the three new classes for the three new icons in the socket container css (minimal skin file). Or just put it in custom.css

    3. Add the three new lines of code to header.php and footer.php to call the icons in

    4. Add the three new input settings into the admin backend



    Hi Rich,

    Yeah, something like that, it should be easy, you just need to duplicate what is already created, try to do it and let us know how it goes.




    Got it all working without any problems.

    Thanks guys!

Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)

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