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    after teething problems I seemed to get the site more or less looking how I wanted it (although still have huge headings, see my other post). Now however horror has struck again. it’s

    The left sidebar is now jumping across to overlay the central section. You will see if you load any page it starts off in the right place and then jumps over a bit. Why? How can I get it back?


    I can’t get Google Adsense to show up at all. They should be in the text widget on the left hand sidebar ‘or how about’ but whatever size I choose, wherever I put it, it just doesn’t show up. It used to. Now it doesn’t. I have tried it in posts, pages, sidebars, I have even tried using a plugin to put it in, but it just won’t show up. Amazon is showing ok, Google isn’t. I need it to show up so please, please can someone help?


    I don’t want the date and comments box showing ever really as it sits over the right hand sidebar which has my events listing on it, thus obscuring it. How can I get rid of it?

    I thought my site was looking lovely and now it’s a mess again! I am SO hoping that someone will take pity on me and help in very simole terms!

    thank you so much


    Hi fellfromgrace,

    Looking at the page now I’m not having the left menu issue at all. Is it a browser specific issue?

    I also see the google adsense with no trouble. See screenshot below.

    You can remove the blog meta information by adding the following to your custom.css or Quick CSS:

    .blog-meta {
    display: none;





    Hi Devin, thanks for your response, sorry been a way for a couple of days. Yes, actually it does appear to be only happening in Firefox, and Google Adsense is also not showing up in Firefox but it IS showing up on other browsers/derivatives

    Just checked out Firefox and tried disabling the add-ons and re-enabling in turn, turned out it was two add-ins – google disconnect and facebook disconnect, both supposedly stop tracking – but once I had disabled them everything shows up fine in Firefox! So that problem is fixed thanks

    I don’t understand about blog meta information as I don’t know what it is! Could you please explain it to me? thanks


    oops. I’ve just updated the theme and now it doesn’t matter if I disable all the add-ins in firefox but the problem is back. I don’t know what to do now. Thing is that quite a lot of people (including me at the moment) use Firefox so it’s quite important that it works ok.


    The blog meta is the date and other information you wanted to remove. So adding that css to your custom.css file or the Quick CSS will hide those so that they don’t overlap with the other sidebar.

    Can you re-add the adsense widgets so that I can check to see the issue again?


    Hi, I can’t add in the adsense – it WAS showing up ok but now I have upgraded the theme NOTHING I have specified is showing up in either of the sidebars. I have another request in about this, its hopeless :-( the adsense text widget is already there. However it’s not showing, neither is anything else in the right hand bar or the ‘categories’ widget I put in as a test for you in my other request …


    Hi fellfromgrace,

    I’m going to close this support thread for now since the main issue no longer is replied and I don’t want any of the other support crew getting confused now that the main issues have changed.

    I’ve left another response in your thread regarding the update issues so we can address everything there.



Viewing 7 posts - 1 through 7 (of 7 total)

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