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    if i am logged in as admin i can see the new portfolio entries in the frontend. But as soon as i log out the entries are not visible anymore. Looged in back again and all is vidible. The artikle entrie for that portfolio entrie is visible weather loged in or not. The same Problem appears when i just want to change the order of th entries.

    When i change other artikels or sites everything is normal.

    Of course i set the portfolio entries on public and visible. Cache is also checked. Permalinks are refreshed too. I tried the same wit another admin account. No idea where the problem is.

    Regards and thanks in advance!


    Hey simonac,

    Can we take a look at the site live? Also try disabling all active plugins to see if anything is causing it from that end.




    that’s the site with the portfolio

    and that’s the new entrie i created (Purchase code hidden if logged out) /

    so it is there but does not show up in the portfolio. just when i am loged in as admin i can see it in the portfolio page on the frontend. of course i set the right portfolio categorie.

    i also checked plugins. i have a copy of the site for english version and there everything works fine.

    portfolio options are same as before too.



    You set a limit of 10 portfolio entries per page so it is showing 10. Solution is either to add pagination or to display every single portfolio item on the same page.

    Please go to Avisio Options > Portfolio Options and change the 10 in ” How many entries should be displayed per page? (only applies if you have chosen an non-sortable value at “Column Count”)” to a number that suits you best.




    Hi Nick,

    i checked the Portfolio Options already as i sayed. 20 entries are set. (Where do you see that i set a limit of 10?)




    I will let Kriesi know about your issue right now. Please hang on.



Viewing 6 posts - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)

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