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    is there a way to make the new page open at the top of the page, they’re currently opening about two thirds of the way down and the visitor has to scroll to the top.



    Hi KingConga,

    Can you post a link to your website so we can see it in action?




    I’m sorry – it is not happening on my computer but when the owner of the site look on his computer he gets this behaviour. I’ve looked at the site on his computer to verify and he’s right. It’s happening on his site but not to other sites in his browser.

    I’m sorry to be so vague, I’ll keep watching to see if I can come up with something more specific.

    The site is




    Hi Tim,

    What browser is he using? I tried to check every page of the site, but the issue isn’t happening on my end.




    It’s happening on my screen in both Chrome and Forefox. The page opens at the top for a fraction of a second and then opens a long way down the page.



    I couldn’t reproduce the problem. Maybe it affects logged in users only or your client uses some third party browser plugins which cause this issue?

    Best regards,



    I consistently get this in Chrome, Firefox and IE when opening any single product page – sorry, I should have specified that earlier.

    The page is at the top when the elements are loading and as soon as it’s complete it jumps down the page.


    Hi KingConga,

    I’ve heard of this happening from time to time but I believe it has been fixed in an update. Make sure your theme is using the most recent version available on Themeforest, WooCommerce is up to date and WordPress is also updated.




    This issue has disappeared, I think with the upgrade of WooComerce to the latest version

    Thanks for your patience




    Good thing it fixed itself.



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