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    Could you please help me.

    I want to create a specific Home Page with complex layout that I could not achieve with the dynamic template.

    But, I want this template to work as the others templates do : get content from the page that specify that template, slideshow options and images from that page, etc. …

    What is the best solution ? where must I declare this template ?, do I need to create a specific .php template or declare more options on configuration pages ?

    I hope you could answer me quickly





    If you need to create a page layout that is not possible with the dynamic template builder you will probably need to build a .php template.

    If you can attach a small mockup what elements that page should include I can decide if its something that would be covered by the support here or if you need to get a freelancer (or code it on your own) :)





    Thanks for your answer, but I will code it myself I think.

    The only think I’m searching is how could I “tag” a post or page to detect it and use a personnal template/layout (which uses some codes of the avia templates like slideshow).






    I would recommend to use custom fiels to “tag” your posts:

    Here is how you query a post by custom field: (Purchase code hidden if logged out) -by-custom-fields-possible




    cool Thanks,

    And Where must I place this code to redirect to the right Template ? and be sure I can use the specific slideshow and layout parameters of your template ?

    One more thing …. :-)

    What is the code to call a specific Slideshow and place it in my template (like it is possible with meteor_slideshow : if ( function_exists( ‘meteor_slideshow’ ) ) { meteor_slideshow( “Home”, “” ); } )?

    Thanks a lot.



    Hey Florent,

    If you follow the custom page template guidelines from wordpress, you can choose the template in the dropdown whenever you create a new page. See:

    You can look at the templates already in the theme files for some direction.

    As for calling a specific slideshow, that won’t really be possible with the way they are done with the theme. Each slideshow is attached to the page it was created on.

Viewing 6 posts - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)

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