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    I have read several of the posts already and a help file being referenced but somehow I am not able to locate it. Is there somewhere a step by step process on how to add your images etc? I read one post that said this is not as easy as they thought and I have to agree. I am not a novice but would not consider myself and expert either. I love the look of the theme but what enticed me was the style switcher. I agree with the person that mentioned that before that if that was available on the back end it would be great. There are themes that have something similar and others that have a style manager which is similar. Would be huge help.

    Trying to figure out how to get my images loaded in the slider. thanks


    Hi, efusjon…

    Not sure if this is what you need … it’s a basic run through. Remember that your slider will always post the most recently added image first when the page loads. (I think!!) :)

    If memory serves me correctly, you will be able to find the slider image psd’s in the skins folder.

    Here’s my dodgy step by step…


    Hi batesy,

    thank you very much. I will go have a look at it right now. Really appreciate it.


    Still have not located the help file. I have uploaded one image just to check but it is not showing up, added it as featured and saved. Is the image to be saved the size you want it or as a thumbnail and then in another location you choose the actual size of the item. Also from looking at the demo the overall image size is 943/443 how is the size of what I will call the text box determined, by the amount of info? How to change color of background of text next to image? Don’t see all the options that appeared in the style switcher. Appreciate the help received just need more direction at this point.

    Also it seems that one is to have a main page with the images and that can then point to a blog but what if you want posts on the main page and the slider sitting as it does in the demo, is that possible? A lot of questions but again new here and trying to get this up and going.

    Would be great to see some examples of what others are doing with this theme.

    thank you



    The documentation is included with the download from Theme Forest – you should have 2 ZIP files and the documentation folder when you unzip the packaged files. Is it not there?

    You can also use the dummy content importer on the options page to set your theme up as per the demo and have a look at how slides / portfolio entries etc are put together.

    @batesy Thanks for your help!




    I finally did import the dummy content but need to know how to get my images on the front page and the other questions I had answered if possible. thanks


    Again I am new here but seems to me that a lot of the support if not the largest portion of it would be reduced dramatically if there was one or two step by step videos on exactly what to do. If I knew myself I would be happy to do them but at this point need them myself.

    There are a lot of parts and pieces to get this where it has the semblance of the the theme preview site.


    If you are installing a custom theme it is assumed you have findamental wordpress knowledge. There are plenty of tuts on wordpress in general. If you have that; the help doc included with the theme explains everything else you need very well (IMHO)

    Did you read the help doc?


    where is the help doc at because I do not see it in the documentation


    I have looked in every folder and there is no help doc


    Efusjon: My image size is 940×440 … and I’m having no problem on load.

    The image needs to be the proper size you want it. So, no, you are not featuring the thumbnail for the slider, you are featuring the actuall full-size slide image.

    I’m not sure what you mean by wanting the images to sit the same as they do in the demo … do you mean ‘unlinked’? If so, just don’t link it in any of those drop down menus on the ‘Entry Options’ section.

    Also, when you imported the dummy content did your slider show with images?


    There should be a folder in the root of the theme folder download called “Documentation_wp”. If not; perhaps download again.

    Here is an online version:



    @efusjon I plan on adding some video tutorials, starting with the basics eg installing themes, through to more advanced things like using Firebug to find and change link colours.

    Add your requests here:

    Best regards,



    Thanks everyone for your help and suggestions. The link to the document should be a big help, now that the link was provided. I am not a novice at this but not an expert like you guys either.

    I had uploaded some images and they were not showing on the main page even though I went to view. Once I actually published them then they showed up. I have several image, more than the recommended and the thumbnail is now over to the right and causing the Our Work

    to be hiding some of them. What is the easiest way to have the images show up in two rows instead of one?

    At this point it is a matter of going in and looking at each page one can adapt and editing and saving it and removing the rest from the dummy content. Would that be correct?

    Mind sharing your URL’s you are using this theme on? thanks and no doubt there will be more questions.



    What’s the URL you’re having problems with?

    I’ll take a look to see what’s going on.

    Best regards,



    I am considering using the dark version and having a heck of time trying to match up the background color

    of the site name with the what is there. Even looked at all the image files and tried to do it that way but still

    not matching up. Suggestions?



    Screen print your screen and paste it into photoshop. Its an easy way to select exact colors.

    But curious what you need to match up. Using PNGs often elliminates need for background tricks since they can be transparent.


    I agree with cwrigley: this sounds like you just need to create a .png file so the background is transparent. Ie, don’t save as jpeg otherwise you will have to find the bg colour match. The .png file will maintain transaparency if created on a transparent background in photoshop.

    If, however, you are aiming to change the background of the header menu bar, well, that is not .css – you’ll find those photoshop files in the theme. You can open them in photoshop and alter them to suit your needs then reupload them online.

    Let us know how you go. Feel free to chuck a link to a screenshot and someone here may offer some suggestions.




    you can see the problem, the images are covering our work or part of it. And then at the bottom wanting to replace some of those icons and tried as you can see and that is a .png

    Not sure what the problem is. Help appreciated.



    The Help doc says to use 3-7 slider images. Sense you have more than 7; it is extending beyond the area entended for the thumbnails. If you really want that many slides; I suspect some design changes will be needed to the layout.

    At the bottom under column 4 is what I assume you are referring to. It is either not a PNG, or a PNG with white background saved with the image. Sense you just posted a flat jpg image I cant say for sure.


    I made a transparent version of your travel case for you:


    This came up in an earlier thread:


    thank you for doing that. It is still showing up for some reason the same way as it was.


    .entry img {background: none !important; border: none !important;}

    added this line of code at the end and it corrected it. Anyone have an idea of how I can correct the thumbnail

    situation bleeding over into that area? thanks

    CWrigley – that is a really sharp site that you have done with this theme. Good job.


    So do I understand there is no easy solution to the problem of having more than 7 images in the slider?


    Since there seems to be no easy way to have more than eight images in the slider without an issue maybe someone can share with me how to add text on each of three images that I will combine to make one image for the slider thus reducing the number. Centered on each.

    thank you


    @efusjon: The link you provided doesn’t work – can you double check it? I need to see the issue 1st hand to help you. :)

    If you’re trying to modify the slider to show 3 slides in one go, firstly you need to adjust the size of the images displayed in function.php (XL size). This will affect every slider image as well as large previews (lightbox).


    James I understand that, my other thread was apparently deleted for some reason. One of my questions was since the slider only handles up to 8 images without a problem one of the solutions is to combine images into one image, the question was how do I add text to each one the the three images that is now compiled into one image?

    The second part of the question is where do I change the font size for the blog content in this theme? Last question at this point is if I wanted to change the color of the text box that shows up on the image once a headline and text is added where is that done?

    I had sent you a message but never heard from you in regards to it. So assuming there is no way to make the theme play nice with more than 8 images in the slider??

    thank you



    Your other topics seemed to be a duplicate of the questions you asked on this topic, so it was deleted because I had already responded here.

    1.) If you’re trying to modify the slider to show 3 slides in one go, firstly you need to adjust the size of the images displayed in function.php (XL size). This will affect every slider image as well as large previews (lightbox).

    To add text to each slide, assuming you’ve edited the code to show 3 slides in the space of 1, the text should automatically be added based on the data you enter on the Portfolio Entries page.

    2.) To adjust the font size / colour, you need to modify the CSS stylesheet. The font size is found at the top of style.css:

    body {

    To modify the colour of the Headline text, the code for this is in /css/style1.css (or /css/style2.css or /css/style3.css depending on which colour scheme you chose) and looks like this:

    .footer, #top .footer a:hover, .footer h1, .footer h2, .footer h3, .footer h4, .footer h5, .footer h6, .dropcap2, .dropcap3, .wrapper_heading h2, .button, #js_sort_items span, #top .pagination a:hover {
    text-shadow:1px 1px 0 #222222;

    If you only want to change the Headline colour, add this to the end of style.css:

    .wrapper_heading h2 { color: #FFFFFF; }

    Just change #FFFFFF to the HEX of the colour you want to display.

    3.) I haven’t received an email from you. Did you contact Kriesi? Right now, I’m not aware of a way to display more than 8 slides but I’ll look into it.



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