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    Could you please prepare some quick manual how I can add new font to theme.

    In polish language we have additional characters that are not being shown correctly (e.g. ążźćłńóę).

    In some fonts Google is supporting that characters. Could you tell me how I am able to connect additional font to theme.

    In general I only need one font. The chooser is not needed for me.

    Best regards,




    There are quite a few Polish fonts as far as I know. What font do you need added so we can give you the code.




    It’s quite easy – open up wp-contentthemespropulsionincludesadminregister-admin-options.php and search for following line:

    $avia_elements[] =	array(	"name" 	=> "Heading Font",

    You’ll notice that this option array contains another array which lists all fonts like:


    – just add your font to this array and make sure that you’re using the right font name. The structure is “FONTNAME”=>”FONTNAME”


    Thank you for response. I was thinking about Raleway font. But it seems that this font does not support Polish characters.

    And maybe one more question. Please let me know if there is possibility to add custom font to Theme that be located somewhere on site.

    I know that link to Google is faster, but if I will not something that looks nice with Polish letters I think I will need to make my custom font and upload to server.



    Have you looked at Dude’s post above that has the directions you should follow once you select a font that you will like.

    Here is a list of Google Polish Fonts (Purchase code hidden if logged out)(Purchase code hidden if logged out) /





    Yes. I know that way and that site. But there is not Raleway PL font. I am able to buy extended version of Raleway font. And somehow I need to connect it with this theme. I would like to know if there is possibility to do this in easy way?



    Here is Raleway. It says it works with Polish. Now please follow Dude’s directions by opening wp-contentthemespropulsionincludesadminregister-admin-options.php file and looking for line 720 (please check Dude’s post above, and then adding the line below to line 720





    Unfortunate it does not support PL. The font is already builded into theme and Polish letters are displayed not correctly. So the question is still valid.

    I wouldn’t write here if I will be able to use that font with PL lettert :].



    Railway font has Polish characters according to the documentation <—.ttf files

    My suggestion is to find a different font that has Polish characters out of the box





    Thanks for help. I have founded similar font with PL letters. Railway that is hosted on Google is not supporting Polish language.

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