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    Is it possible to create a new Element for the Propulsion Template Builder that would display a page or a horizontal scrolling list of Users?

    I am imagining an element that would function very much like the existing Products element except it would display Users instead of Products. Also, it would need to allow the option to display the most recent users.

    If you think this is a change I could make myself please direct me to the place in the Propulsion template code that generates the Product element and give me some general directions as to how to clone and adapt it into a Users element.


    Hi michaelspencer,

    I’m actually not sure at all how you could achieve this. It would take quite a bit of new code and probably a good bit of experimentation. Manipulating products, pages and posts is a standard procedure but there isn’t as much support for display users and associated information.




    Hi Devin,

    Yes, I recognize that there is less support for user information than post and page information. I am happy to do the digging but I was hoping that you could direct me to where in the Propulsion theme’s codebase I could find the code that generates the existing Products element for the Propulsion Template Builder. I am hoping that I can reverse engineer it from there. Also, as you suggest, this could take quite a bit of new code. With that in mind, perhaps Kriesi would be interested in quoting me a price to add this feature to the Propulsion theme. I’d be happy to discuss with him the details of what I am looking for. Thanks.





    The code can be found in propulsionincludeshelper-templates.php – search for following function:

    function shop($element)

    You can try to change this function based on your requirements or to duplicate and change the element code (better solution because you can use users + shop element but it requires more work). Devin is right – this will require some custom work/code but Kriesi is not available for this task (he doesn’t work as freelancer anymore).

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)

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