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    please use the “set featured image link” which is located on the right side/sidebar on your page/post editing admin page. A popup window will open where you can upload and set your images.


    @dude: I can see it now. I’ll work with that settings and keep an eye on set the featured image link.




    I did myself adding a featured image.

    First removed the ones you placed, second I pressed “set the feature image” and the dialogs appears.

    From URL, used the image path into the same installation URL.

    Added title, description and then pressed “Insert…”

    The dialogs dissapear, I can’t see the image but “set the feature image” remains there.

    Okay, maybe I need to update. I did, checked the page and nothing.

    Still the same. Now the accordion is not displaying images again.

    Please, explain here step by step how you did. Also include the file size and dimension recommended because that may be the problem.

    I’m back again into the first post of this thread :(


    PS. WP updated to 3.1.1



    don’t click on “insert… ” but on the link which say “Use as featured image”.

    If this link doesn’t exist try to upload the image again. Now it should appear.


    It works @dude !!!

    I will ignore the rest of the options and only will use Media Library.

    It works!

    Finally Dude…any tip on the size issue? Scalating looks strange on vertical pictures.

    Thanks!!!! Finally!!!


    Glad that I could help you :)


    Hi this thread is relevant to my issue but the ‘Set featured image’ functionality does not even appear in my media library. I found a similar thread on how to ‘activate’ it but when i followed the steps it lead to no where.

    the website in question, has slideshow functionality working on every page, until the client informed me that “clocks” was not working. This is the only page I am having issues with. Would there be any reason why the ‘set featured image’ link does not appear in my media library?

Viewing 7 posts - 31 through 37 (of 37 total)

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