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    I bought the theme because I wanted to have the accordion effect in the slider but now I can’t manage to make it work.

    Check the site:

    It’s eternally loading.

    The image sizes are within the parameters given (600×305 and 500×284)

    They are linking within the domain BUT from a Coppermine gallery. Should I put the images within the theme folder?

    Please help with this.




    I can’t visit your site at the moment – I get a connection error…


    Hey dude,

    Well, the site is up. Perhaps you have a some kind of filter connecting?

    What happens is that it loads and loads forever…

    Since I have 2 articles, I see the slider half news1 half news2.

    Both are loading. I can click them and see the articles with the featured image on top.

    But the slider is not working.

    Please, any help. Thanks!



    I’ve looked over the site using FireBug and see the problem. It’s not that the images take forever to load, they’re not even called in the HTML output and the background preloading circle is simply a background image (therefore unconnected to whether images are actually being loaded or not).

    I note that there are changes from the “out the box” original version of the theme, somewhere in your modifications you have removed / adjusted the code which calls the images and broken the functionality. Please check the files you have modified and if necessary start with a fresh copy and make your modifications again.



    Hi James,

    I didn’t changed a thing.

    That’s a wired issue because I changed other themes in the past but this only one was modified *only* using the options in WordPress.

    Not a single line were touched here.

    I’ve deleted the entire folder and uploading again a fresh install.

    Will comment you later.


    PS. One thing I found was that I wasn’t able to determine the Thumbnail Post in the right sidebar while creating/editing a post, because its box never appeared.


    Well, the fresh install did nothing.

    Same result. No images loading.

    Please, let me know if you want to login into this WP and see inside it.


    PS. Running WP 3.1


    3.1 has an issue with the jquery version…I suspect it is the same bug as the photo gallery being broken. Look for the other threads where Dude posted a snip of code to add to the functions.php file to fix the error until they upgrade the theme download.



    I also think that it’s a js/jquery conflict problem. A temporarily fix should be to use jquery 1.4.2 for now. To implement it open up functions.php and add following code at the very bottom:

    function jquery_initialise()


    wp_register_script('jquery', '', false, '1.4.2', false);



    add_action('init', 'jquery_initialise');


    Hello everybody,

    I’ve added that code to functions.php inside newscast theme folder.

    Seems like nothing changed because I still see the two articles inside the accordion loading.

    Any other idea?

    Another thing I found is when you add a post, I don’t see the “post thumbnail” box.

    I can see the “post thumbnail options” but nothing else.




    This is going to be easier to debug with access to WP admin.

    Please create me a WP admin account and email the details to support {at} jamesmorrisondesign {dot} com with the subject:

    Kriesi | Newscast | Never Ending Loading Slider Images

    and I’ll look into it.



    you should have recieved it some hours ago.



    Hello everybody….

    Any solution to this? I’m stuck with this proyect and can’t advance because of this.

    If it’s not possible to solve it, I will have to request refund in ThemeForest.

    James, I’ve sent you login details but no feedback in the past 2 weeks.

    Thanks for you help!


    We are experiencing the exact same issue. The images will not load into the slider; nor does the “Post Thumbnail” box appear. It is quite frustrating since we followed the installation steps exactly. We likewise inserted the code listed above in the “functions.php” file. No effect. Hopefully this post will result in some advice from support.



    A couple of weeks ago an update was released to ensure WordPress 3.1 compatability – have you updated to the latest version?

    @lujandesign I haven’t received an email with login details, can you resend the details?



    We purchased the newscast theme on: Order date: 25 Mar 11. The post before ours was the request made for admin information. We can certainly send you our if you like, but we don’t want to jump ahead of the other post.


    I have almost the same issue. I am using Newscast 2.0.2. I’m not sure if this is the updated one or not. I have tried the above code and it has no effect.

    What I have noticed is that when choosing a featured image, you can only use one from the built in WP Media Library. This is an absolute pain as I manage a lot of images and use NextGen.

    Uploading images twice is not ideal and non-intuitive.

    I cannot fathom why it would make any difference as to the source of the image if it is saved as a featured image?


    Unfortunately we had to disable the accordion effect in the slider since it failed to work. The reason we purchased this style was to support our sponsors. We were hoping to see some resolution to this. As stated, we downloaded the Newscast March 25, 2011. I believe we are working with the latest version.


    hello James,

    I never had a notice about new versions. Should I recieve one?

    The version running now is 2.0

    Wordpress is 3.1

    Just uploading 2.0.2


    just tried 2.0.2 and same problem.

    Thanks James!


    We just download the theme today (March 31) and reloaded it over our March 25 version.

    The accordion effect in the slider will not load the images. The “Post Thumbnail” box DOES NOT show up. These are two key functions for our purchasing this theme. We are moving forward with the BLOG, but it certainly looks “blah” without these functions.


    @kraydavis – can you create me an admin account and send me the login details to: (Email address hidden if logged out) – I’ll look into it.


    When I first activated Newscast the Featured Thumbnail (and additional post thumbnail option panel) did not show. The reason for this is in Screen Option. You need to press the tab (top right of you WP Admin window) and tick Featured Thumbnail.

    However, this doesn’t address the other issue lujandesign has pointed out: The images are not called into the theme from a third party gallery plugin. You can only use the not-very-good built in WP Media Library.

    If we could have some enlightenment as to how to make other images work, that would be great.


    Dude, I’ve sent login access to James but no answer.

    Can I send it to you?

    By the way, I just switched the theme to another until this issue is solved.



    Hello everybody, well, I’m requesting refund (if Envato Theme Forest) can manage it.

    It’s a shame that this beautiful theme can’t work fine.

    Thanks for any help.


    @lujandesign: I’m sorry that James didn’t answer you. I hoped he would answer the request after the weekend – can you create me an admin account and send me the login details to: (Email address hidden if logged out) – I’ll look into it.


    @dude: I just sent you username and password.

    Thanks for your help!


    Thanks I got it. I’ll look into it asap.The website was down when I first tried to access it but now it’s online again :)


    WordPress has an update to V 3.1.1. Is anyone aware of problems with Newscast and slider?


    @lujandesign – I looked into it and the featured image function works as expected. To set the slider/preview image you need to use the “Set featured image” link under the post thumbnail options. I set the featured images for you – here: and here: – you’ll notice that one image shows up in the slider too.


    Hi guys,

    i’m having exactly the same issue. I just downloaded this template yesterday (sat April 9) and haven’t modified anything. I’m using WP 3.1.1. The images won’t show up neither in accordion nor in the other styles. Help greatly appreciated!


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