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    Just started using this theme (and WordPress for that matter), and I really like it. The problem I’m having is that I would like my slideshow images to appear in a certain order–but not alphabetically by their titles (which also double as the captions, which I do need to have displayed). How can this be done?


    They display by Date I believe. Just change the dates


    @mbersano: @cwrigley‘s answer is the easiest solution to change the order, you could also change the function to add a field so you can enter the slide number but this would involve a lot of backend modifications.


    Mine don’t display by date, nor alphabetically. Clean install of WP and Avisio, add two slider entries, the last one added gets displayed first. If I can control the order in wich they get displayed I can’t use it at all.


    Lasseoe, there definitely should be a ‘date’ field on the top right hand side of your ‘Slider Entires’ page. You will not find it when you intitially upload the image. You have to publish it first.

    After publishing it – go back to edit the page and navigate to the ‘Publish’ area at top right of page.

    Find the ‘edit’ link in the ‘Published on’ field — from here you can trick the page into displaying in the order you want by changing the date.


    batesy, yes I tried that already but no luck, it’s not that I don’t believe you but it’s not working. I’ve set the date back a full day and I see no difference whatsoever.

    Add New -> Title: Slide-1 -> associate pic from media library

    Add New -> Title: Slide-2 -> associate pic from media library

    Now when I list my slider entries, Slide-2 is first, then Slide-1

    Changing the dates on either of them has no effect.

    *scratches head*

    I’ve cleared the browser cache which also didn’t help.


    Can you post a screen shot of your slider entries admin screen?

    With default code, the slides sort by published date.


    Sure, here you go:

    And here’s a screenshot of slide 1,


    Your Admin screen lists them in reverse order also. Thats Odd



    If the post time won’t edit I’d suggest just deleting them and reposting in the correct order. Think of them like a blog post … most recent addition will always show first.

    Thus, your Slider-2 is showing first because you posted it last.

    Gotta think backwards … !! :)



    Yes I thought about doing that, but it’s likely we’ll want to add a new slide somewhere inbetween the other ones at some point, although there won’t be more than 3 or 4 slides it’s a pain in the neck having to delete and re-add them.

    I’d be happy to troubleshoot this further, but unsure of how to proceed, do you want me to send you something from a mysql table, screengrab of something form firebug or anything else ?


    You can modify the order by adjusting the date / time of publication.

    If you Edit a Slider Entry, you can modify the date / time in the top right Publish box.

    The issue with the order is similar to the issue of page order before the Custom Navigation was introduced to WP in 3.0 and would require a core modification to allow the ability to have a Custom Post Type Custom Order. This may be something the WordPress team add in the future but I’m unaware of any plans for it at the moment.



    Actually, modifying the date or time doesn’t do squat, as I wrote above. Don’t know if this is a bug with WP or the theme.


    Okay, lasseoe, I think I’ve got your culprit…

    You have to ‘OK’ the time/date edit before you ‘UPDATE’.

    Failing that, I would suggest you change it to a ‘Draft’ then try the above method.

    I jut tried updating the time and it didn’t recognise the load … it did when I olayed it … then updated.

    Hope that works for you.




    Excellent, works like documented now :-D

    Thanks a million for the help. imho, I’ll put it down to a WP bug, that’s not very intuitive, the update should be greyd out if you HAVE to hit Ok first.


    Good stuff.

    I agree the WP interface kinda just draws you to the UPDATE button because the natural urge is to complete a task by moving to the right of page.


    Hmm.. I agree that the area of the page for updates to a page can be confusing.

    The only way to get something done about it though would be to head over to the forums and suggest it’s something they look at for a future version.


    Thanks for the info guys. I was going nuts trying to figure this out.

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