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    This is my first time using WP. I successfully installed and uploaded the theme…now I am editing it. I need to create a sub-navigation menu on my about page (I DON’T MEAN DROPDOWN OFF OF THE MAIN MENU BUTTON).

    On my ABOUT page I need to insert a submenu. I need a submenu with 3 buttons that when pressed will allow the user to remain on the about page while keeping all 3 links visible when on the about page.

    I hope I can resolve this easily…otherwise I think I may purchased the wrong theme for myself. Can anyone help me?


    You can add a custom menu into a widget. Just create the custom menu in WP menu admin; then add the menu widget where you like and point it ot your custom menu.

    But what you want to do sounds confusing. What does the menu do if pressing the buttons keeps you on the same page?


    Okay. I see why you are confused.

    Here are links to 2 examples of what I mean: (Purchase code hidden if logged out) /full_screen_preview/111267


    Using the Custom Menus (WP admin -> Appearance -> Menus) you can add whichever link you’d like and order them as you’d like.

    You can also create a second menu which you can use as a widget in the sidebar or footer.


    Hi James,

    Thanks for your help.

    Yes, I went there and have been trying to figure out how to do that. When I go to menus…it says “This theme is only allowed 1 menu” Can you please help and point me in the right direction?



    On the right side of that admin screen you can create a custom menu. Once thats done; add it to the custom menu widget


    Hi James!

    You rock!!! So simple yet so tricky when you don’t know what you are doing because it’s so simple. lol!


    Oh. Okay I am still having a problem.

    Yes I was able to create the rightbar submenu on the about page but then when I click the link. I need the menu to still be present on that page as well because it all falls under the heading of ABOUT.


    Okay, I think I am getting it. It’s a little confusing.

    Do you have any step by step instructions on this anywhere?



    Hi…sorry for this little run of threads. I will only need to learn this once.

    Okay…the submenu is only appearing on the ABOUT page and not the 2 about child pages.

    I do not need the About sidebar submenu to appear on all the other pages. I ONLY need the ABOUT sidebar submenu to appear on the 2 corresponding child pages in the ABOUT category. Phew! lol … can check the about page on my site to see what I mean?




    It should show up on subpages if you’ve selected the Pages widgetized area under Appearance -> Widgets.

    Can you post the site URL?

    Best regards,


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