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    First off let me say that I know I am asking a lot here. and if you guys offer customization as a service, I will gladly pay to have the following changes made assuming we can get moving quickly. Otherwise, please advise on any or all of the below and I will attempt on my own:

    1. The site I am building will allow users to buy OR borrow items from the store. So, I need to modify the “Add To Cart” buttons to say “Buy Now”. No changes in the functionality on this one, just need to change the words. I do need to add the other button which will say “Borrow Item” and this button will link to a specific page The borrow button needs to be added to every product in the same spot that the “Add To Cart” button appears including the mouseover effect that is visible when the user hovers over a product, so instead of “View Details” and “Add To Cart” on mouseover, I need “View Details”, “Add To Cart” and “Borrow Item”

    2. I need to remove the prices from view on all pages except the single product page. So I need the products to appear without prices until the user lands on the page devoted to one specific product.

    3. I need to force users to create an account prior to viewing a specific product page. In other words, nobody sees the prices of products unless they create an account first. Strange request, I know, but that is what my client wants.

    Thanks in advance for any and all help. Please treat me like a newbie with any feedback.



    I just have a couple of questions to fill in the missing business logic:

    Regarding Point 1:

    So you don’t want the shopping cart functionality (ability to buy more than 1 item)? So if user clicks Buy Now, they go directly to checkout?

    The page you will take care of yourself since you haven’t mentioned anything about it?

    So if a user who is not logged in clicks on an item (without price) they should be forced to login before being able to see the individual product page with the price on it OR they will be able to see the individual page but again without the price but if image/button ‘login to see price’ ?

    *I am just clearing up the requirements for the team


    Very sorry for the delayed response. I thought I would be notified when the thread was updated via email. No worries though, let me gather my thoughts so I can provide you with in depth details. Will respond shortly.



    Please ask if you’ve any follow up questions.



Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)

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