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    Hi guys-

    I need to offer a sortable portfolio, but clicking on the thumbs leads to regular pages (no AJAX, just linkdorectly to a full featured page, not a limited portfolio post.

    How can I do this?



    Hi mgma,

    After adding the portfolio item image, expand the options for the image by clicking Show. Then for the Link option dropdown, select set manual link and then put in the link to the page you want it to go to. Save the portfolio item.

    Now you just need to remove the link from the portfolio item title when viewed on a portfolio page. You’ll need to edit includes>loop-portfolio.php in the theme files. Look for:

    echo avia_title(array('class'=>'portfolio-title', 'html' => "<div class='{class} title_container'><h1 class='main-title'>{title}</h1></div>"), $the_id);

    and replace it with:

    echo avia_title(array('class'=>'portfolio-title', 'link'=> false , 'html' => "<div class='{class} title_container'><h1 class='main-title'>{title}</h1></div>"), $the_id);

    Then save the file back onto your server.




    Thanks Devin, gonna try this.

    This will effect all portfolio items though, correct? I have other portfolios I want to behave normally. SO now… all of them… both regular and these, you’ll have to click the photo/thumb.. the title will not work. Correct?



    Brilliant!… works great.

    Now I really notice again though… I somehow lost the little circle with two arrows that slides in on rollover. Can you suggest how I can get it back?

    Thanks Devin!


    This should not have effected the link visual. Did you perhaps change your settings so that the first image in a portfolio is shown on overview pages but not shown in the portfolio item page? This would have been under Layout & Settings at the very bottom.



Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)

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