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    I am starting a website and intent to only display the products for now. Will only look into the possibility of selling them online in future phase. Is there a way to disable the eCommerce features (My Account, Shopping Cart, Checkout) at the main page?

    Also, how do I add in google map pointing to retailer address (I am featuring products from various retailers), for each product featured on my page?


    Hi Fafifu,

    As far as I know there isn’t a way to just disable the ecommerce features directly. You might be better off just not using the WooCommerce plugin until you are ready to sell. For now, you can just create pages for each of the products and embed google maps, video, and anything else you would need to highlight the products.

    To add a google map into a page, you will copy the HTML embed code from the google maps page and then paste it into the HTML editing tab for a page (its the tab on the upper right of the text editing window).


    Thanks. I want to be able to scroll though the products, give description, rating etc. Wonder if disabling the WooCommerce functionality will mean removal of too many product related features. Will give it a try.


    Oh, I can’t turn off the woocommerce, as I would loose other product related functionalities, such as :- product category, sorting and search function, product write-up, review and ratings. I also really like the Product display & scrolling feature at the main page.

    I dunno how to find a theme that will work. Someone mentioned Propulsion theme but I think it will give me the same problems. Moreover, I really prefer Abundance’ look and feel. Help!


    You can use an extension like: Catalog Visibility Options which was released one week ago.


    Thank You! I think this is exactly what I was looking for.


    I’ve bought the plug-in, and managed to disable the following :- My Account, Check-Out icon (on the main page, upper right corner), by adding the following code via your recommended Quick CSS method (in your Theme Options)

    .sub_menu {

    display: none;


    But the webpage still shows a Shopping Cart pic. and the dollar sign (with 0 amount).

    I am very sure I have already disabled the Pricing and Purchases option in woocommerce option section. By the way, I am totally new to WordPress and am not a developer. So, I don’t really know how all the codes work. Detailed instruction may be needed, if the customisation is even moderately difficult.


    Never mind. Found the solution myself!




    Probably I´ll have the same needs as You for a project and would like to ask if you got rid of all commerce related stuff like cart, price, menus and etc. only through the extension spotted here or via css .

    I guess if we comment out some templates entries and use some “display: none;” we could get what we need. Am I correct?

    I´d love to hear from you :-)



    BTW, the solution was

    .cart_dropdown {

    display: none;


    Another issue though, since we are not using the pricing at the moment, how to remove the ‘order by price’ as a sort option on list pages?



    Try following css code:

    .orderby option[value="price"]{
    display: none;



Viewing 11 posts - 1 through 11 (of 11 total)

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