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    Hi Kriesi,

    In another post you gave this code: #top .bg-logo, #top .bg-logo a{

    width:400px; height: 200px;}

    But when I applied it to the CSS box it actually broke the home page of my Abundance Theme’d site, so I had to remove it. When you put more than one CSS statement in the Quick CSS box, I assume that just placing the statements on their own lines (hard return between items) would be sufficient. Am I correct, or is the Quick CSS box just for one CSS adjustment only? Thank you!


    Hi Jamesgeiger,

    You can definitely put more than one class/ID modification in the Custom CSS box.

    In your example CSS, you are modifying two things for the logo: Width and Height. So if you need to adjust the space the logo takes up, you can adjust those two values to try and make it fit without really messing anything else up.

    Hope this helps!


    Hi Devin,

    Thanks for getting back to me. Would you please go to and take a look at the banner in the header? It is 650x150pixels. I have inserted this code into the CSS Styling box: #top .bg-logo, #top .bg-logo a{width:650px; height: 300px;} giving it a larger height than I need for testing. As you can see, the height descriptor doesn’t appear to do anything – you can see that the lower 25 pixels or so of the banner logo are being cut off. Ideally I would like to have space between the bottom of the banner logo and the top of the main navigation bar. Any ideas?




    Hey Jim,

    Sorry about that! What you’ll need to modify is actually:

    #header.boxed .container{
    height: 230px;

    So stick that into your Quick CSS and see if it looks good for you.


    Oh that’s much better! Last question about the header, I promise. Now that I can adjust the height of the header container, is there any way to decrease the gap between the top of my banner, and the top of the web page? It looks like its set to be about 25pixels. Thanks!

Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)

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