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    Currently we have the following options:

    Displayed Everywhere

    Displayed Everywhere Left

    Displayed Everywhere Right

    Sidebar Page

    Sidebar Right

    I need to create another Sidebar Page. My first Sidebar Page is alreade specific to a particular page on the. I need to create Sidebar Page2 that will not display the content that is on the first Sidebar Page.

    As I was typing this post – I noticed that I was able to add an individual widget that will only display on the certain page….

    you know what I figured out how to do it, thank you anyway…. I love this theme!!!!!!!


    Glad that you got it to work :)



    I have one question about this.

    If I´m creating a coustom sidebar for example on a Page called “Shop” the widget I asign displays on the “left sidebar”.

    Is it possible to set a custom “right sidebar” fot that page?



    at the moment the framework supports only one custom widget area on the left side. I’ll report it as feature request to Kriesi.

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)

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