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    1) Yes. The psd files can be found in the themeforest zip archive.Open the zip file and you’ll find a folder called “psd”. This folder contains several other folders – among them psd, psd2 and psd3. Each of these folders contains a file called “logo.psd”. Select the right logo.psd (depends on your skin) and edit it with Photoshop. You can change the logo dimensions in style.css. Open up the file and search for following code:

    #top .logo, .logo a{
    border: none;
    padding: 0;
    overflow: hidden;

    Adjust the width/height value as required.

    2) You can try plugins like:


    Thanks for the reply. I fixed the logo issue. Here’s 2 more questions, that I can’t figure out.

    1. As far as the 2nd answer, can I still install a wordpress plugin if i didn’t use wordpress to create the site?

    2. This is regarding prettyphoto, in the “Portfolio” section..When I move the cursor over the picture, the magnifying tool shows. When I click that, a transparent box appears and another larger image appears on the screen. My question is, I want to be able to scroll thru a set of pictures but how do I code that? Is that code built on another page, like a css page or some other page?

    Thanks again. I should have chose my user name as clueless instead of codeless. ;)



    1) I am not sure I understand the question. If your website is running on WordPress (a content management system CMS) you can use plugins built for that CMS. However if your website is running on a different CMS such as Joomla for example or Drupal, then you would need to use plugins built for those systems.

    All websites are created via a process such as this – first laid out in Photoshop/Illustrator/Fireworks then are transferred to html/css. At that point the design is complete and a programmer creates a theme which includes the layout along with the database/interactivity/backend functionality using some programming language, which in the case of WordPress is PHP and in addition uses syntax specific to WordPress. A WordPress theme without WordPress is like a DVD without a DVD player.

    I think your confusion can be cleared up by investing 3-4 hours watching basic youtube videos about WordPress and CSS.

    I suggest you watch these:

    1) (a bit longwinded, but he litterally doesn’t leave any point unturned)

    2) (can put an insomniac to sleep, but after 10 mins gets better)

    The second video above, is all about the #1 tool you should get to know and love if you want to change your name from codeless to codechamp – firebug on firefox/or chrome developer tools on chrome. Begin with this 5min video

    Regarding creating image galleries, please add the Nextgen Gallery plugin, which will let you easily create galleries anyway you want.



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