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    Hello from Vienna,

    I’m using woocommerce and replete and having many products which will have a lots of description/wording in common.

    Can someone suggest me some solution how I could have the common texts in one place, so if I must change or edit something, I just have to do it once? (something like server side includes)

    second: When on an product page currently I have two tabs 1) Description (I use german version it is called “Beschreibung” there) and 2) Reviews or Rating (german “Bewertungen”)

    I would like to have at least one more such tab between the 2 which displays something like “Certificates” which apply to a certain product. For this 3rd tab I would need also the solution from above with repeating content but in this case text plus images.

    Appreciate any hints and ideas for this issue and welcome solutions whith less coding :)



    Hi again,

    after finding the right searching terms I hopefully found a solution in the form of an plugin for the 1st part of the question: “Reusable Contents” (not tested yet, no rating yet)!

    The second question for having more tabs like product description is still relevant!


    Hi Tom,

    This extension from WooThemes will help get you additional tabs as needed:

    The repeating information however I’m not sure of the best way to accomplish that from a general standpoint. I would probably do something like a custom shortcode for blocks of information but thats just one idea.



Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)

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