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    I’m interested in having the submenus appear in the sidebar for the portfolio section. For instance, for this link, I would like to have all the portfolio items for MULTIFAMILY appear under PORTFOLIO in the sidebar in a menu list. I’ve tried a couple of subnav widget plug ins without luck.

    Does anyone have any ideas?


    Hi webcami,

    You can use the Menus manager to create a custom menu for the specific items you want displayed, then add a custom menu widget to the sidebar where you want it displayed.


    Can I do that for specific portfolio items as well? I can only seem to add one custom menu widget in the side bar.


    Also, are there a limited number of widget that I can use? They are disappearing as I add more custom menu widgets.


    Yes, you can do it with specific portfolio items. All of the possible includes are on the left there in the Menus section. You can also always include direct links (http://…) links inside of a menu.

    There isn’t a hard limit that I know of with Flashlight to the number of widgets you can add in. Make sure you don’t have any plugins running that are interfering with the default widgets admin of wordpress and see if you can continue.


    So my issue might be the display widget plug in I’m using?


    I’d love if you could look at this example for me:

    The menu items multifamily and retail improvements are examples using the custom menu you suggest. Now, beyond that, what I’d really like is to see this appear in the side bar ONLY when the portfolio page is selected.

    My client would like to see this type of menu structure and NOT the flyout menus that appear on the ABOUT section as coded now for the portfolio section of the site.

    Any assistance would be greatly appreciated! This is my first time using this theme.


    And even after having removed all menu widget options I added to the site, I still can only have 4 widgets at a time.



    You can use plugins like to display your widgets on portfolio pages only. You can use following conitional:

    if('portfolio' ==  get_post_type())

    Best regards,


Viewing 8 posts - 1 through 8 (of 8 total)

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