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    I’ve uploaded images to use in the Slider, but they expand to be too tall in the slider. How do I make the size of the image in the slider stay like the example in your demo? I’ve tried to make the images the right size – 1500 x 430 or smaller.

    I don’t own photoshop – do I need that to use the .psd which says can be used to create the right size image?

    I’m not a graphics person or a developer, so I’m really confused!


    Hi lsennett,

    Try adding this code in Quick CSS (located in Replete > Theme Options > Styling):

    .small_image .slideshow_media_wrap {
    width: 100%;

    Hope this helps.




    No – that just stretches the image to fill the whole slider space.

    I want an image of 446 px wide by 224 high to stay centered top to bottom and to the left in the slider pane. I do not want it to enlarge to the 1500 x 430 size of the full width slider.

    WordPress does not seem to crop the uploaded Pics either!

    Is there some other documentation for the sliders? What is explained in the documentation is too limited


    Hi lsennett,

    For each image in the Featured media you’ll need to go into the image details by hitting Show (in the image list). Then go to the tab “Image Size Options” and select from the dropdwon Small Image/Video Left (or right).

    It doesn’t give you the layout you are describing exactly, but its as close as the theme supports.



Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)

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