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    I am developing a site for a client using the Velvet theme as a template. (A note that I’ll purchase the license for this site when it rolls out later this month.) It is being developed on my dev site now:

    I’ve explored several different options for the menu, including a new widget area in the header to support a widget. But I get mixed results. I have also performed some pretty extensive search and tutorial review, but I am missing it.

    There are a few things I want to customize:

    1) I want the child menus to appear on hover, but they show up all the time. Right now, they aren’t showing up at all.

    2) I want the current parent and corresponding children pages to show when on either a child or parent of that group. I can’t event get the current page to stay current.

    3) The parent page items inherit the width of all the child pages, so the navigation is way too long.

    What other information do you need to help me fix this?



    I’ve made a couple of CSS edits (thanks to this forum) that have resolved some issues. I still need help with:

    • Making the child items appear on hover. I realize this may create other issues like what to do with the sub navigation items if the user is already on a child page. This may not be possible. If that is the case, I’d at least like the child menu to display when on the parent page.

    • I don’t want the parent width to adjust for the number of child items.

    Any help you can give me would be appreciated as I posted yesterday but haven’t received a response. This forum is usually pretty quick.

    Many thanks.


    Hello? Can someone respond even to tell me I am on my own here? I’d appreciate it.


    Hi GibaGroup,

    Our Queue system shows posts with the oldest most response first so each time you posted it actually pushed it further back so I’m just not getting to it after the weekend break. Apologize about the delay, we usually have a max of 24 hours but when we get big spikes in support requests it can cause a delay.

    For #1, there are no sub menus getting spit out in the source of your home page so I’m not sure what kind of change you have made for this to happen or if they are not entered in the Menus manager. Without knowing what you have changed I can’t say for sure where the breakdown is happening.

    2) Looks like it was solved.

    3) The most simple and direct way to overcome this would be to set the width of each menu item by its ID to exactly what you want. So something like:

    #menu-item-752 {
    width: 107px;

    Where the 752 is the menu id pulled from inspecting the menu item code.




    Thank you for the response.

    I had turned off the sub menu during the time that you reviewed the page, which explains why you didn’t see any reference. I’ll leave it in place while I work on a few other items.

    If you can take a look again, I’d appreciate it.



    You want to build a custom menu whereby child sub-menu items dynamically show below the parent’s button horizontally? That’s quite a project. Have you considered simply finding a free WordPress plugin that does exactly that and ripping its insides out and inserting them into your site?

    I think your best bet, if you aren’t comfortable reverse engineering or coding the custom menu you designed, is to hire a freelance programmer for such an extensive modification. In my opinion such a project is outside the scope of the support team. We can happily recommend a number of websites where you can find such people.

    Good luck,



    Thanks, Nick. It is certainly starting to feel like it is a large project. Maybe more than I want to tackle.

    Yes, please send me your referrals.


    Hi GibaGroup,

    Here are some websites where you can go for assistance:



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