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    HI Guys

    i have been trying to setup a custom home page: the desired home page details as follows.

    I want my home page to have nothing else but a “Picture” which will work as a link to enter the website.

    SO far i have achieved by using a custom CSS and remove the Header, The main Menu, The footer and socket. however when i insert a picture in a Pages (Home page). the picture doesn’t stretch to the whole page, it shows background of the website at the TOP and Sides. even though the website is “stretched”.

    i want to achieve something like this “”.

    i don’t know if you there is a plugin that i can use which will let me enter my own picture and link etc.

    or there is a way that i can use the “PAGES” to enter a picture on home page. but want it on the full page.

    Hope i have explained myself.



    Hi Shax,

    I tried searching around for a plugin to take care of that since it would be your best and easiest option but didn’t find any. It will be fairly difficult if you are going the css route.

    As for the theme functions, there isn’t anything built in that would do what you are looking for either. You’ll need to find a much more outside the box solution in my opinion. Maybe using a custom page template that calls a unique version of the header file or something like that.



Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)

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