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    sorry but im just learning how to get around wordpress and if possible would like a few pointers as im a bit confused as to how

    is the best way to setup a products structure with the replete theme with woocommerce??

    so far ive got some basic items up but im confused as to how to best setup sub catagories under either the “products” or “services”

    directory heading on my site??

    its at

    love the theme but badly want to know how to get it right????

    sorry just frustrated at getting my head around the “how to” side of things…



    p.s is there some youtube vid or something that helps??


    Hi vacshop,

    WooCommerce only adds a “Products” group in the WordPress options so if you have a “services” post type, its from a plugin. That may be where the confusion is happening.

    Everything to do with WooCommerce will be done from either the WooCommerce options or for products under the Products post type menu.



Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)

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